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" The point is not being able to make one perfect shotgun; What is difficult is to make them all perfect. "

Guido Rizzini

There is only one way for the true gunmaker : " innovation "

In the decade from 1961 to 1971, a small company appeared on the international shotguns market, its name was Zoli & Brothers Rizzini. The production was midrange although in reality the weapons they made soon became famous for robustness and reliability. This brilliant reality was born from the collaboration of five brothers and a childhood friend. The friend's name was Rinaldo Zoli, the brothers were the ones who in subsequent decades would become famous as the Fratelli Rizzini,
When in the early 70s, Rinaldo decided to retire, the Rizzinis began in own and a little later founded the Fratelli Rizzini gun factory.From the beginning there was the clear intention of revolutionizing what had been done in previous years and the primary goal of Guido became to increase the quality of his shotguns. All efforts were focused in that direction and, since two of the brothers were unable to adapt to new demands, soon the staff of Brothers Rizzini was reduced to three plus a worker. Gradual but constant mechanical and aesthetic innovations enabled the company to differentiate its guns from everything  produced until then in the area of ​​Gardone VT, where still today shotguns are made along the lines of the British. The trend reached its peak when, in the late '70s, Guido invented the single trigger, the lock and the ejector that became the core of his weapons and the hallmark of a product that could finally define Italian under all aspects.
In these decades, the company has evolved further with the acquisition of more sophisticated machinery, innovative processes and the introduction of new models including the express and, today, the new over & under.

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