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It is difficult to innovate in the firearms field. That's why almost all of modern gunmakers use mechanisms designed in a more or less distant past. It is a path already marked, easy to follow but, in the end, never leads beyond the point where others have already arrived.
We have chosen to draw our own way, full of obstacles and difficulties, but which, however, is the only leading higher

Our patents

Bar action lock

The main feature of the lock invented by Guido Rizzini is the solid bridle. Normally the bridle is fixed at the plate by screws, a more simple but less robust solution that with time  can move and cause malfunction of the mechanism.
Get everything from solid steel is more complicated and takes longer, but the result is very strong. The low number of  components (six, excluding pins) and their essential design make it as the most reliable lock ever made.

Back action lock

On our back action lock we have eliminated the possibility of accidental discharge with a safety lever conceptually different from all previous ones. First, it rotates on a plane orthogonal to the rotation of the trigger lever, thus making impossible a simultaneous movement of both but, more importantly, it must not intercept the hammer as when it is set back in the cocked position, the lever grasps it already. Only the voluntary pressure of the trigger release it from this position making it impossible an accidental discharge. In practice, the intercepting sear acts as a second main sear. To learn more click here.


Another creation of Guido Rizzini is the ejectors system. Like all his inventions it is simple and robust, in a nutshell it is reliable! Of course it must be assembled and adjusted by expert hands that can be found only in the laboratory of Magno.

Single trigger

In 1979 Guido Rizzini invented the first of its patents which later would become his hallmarks: the inertial single trigger.
This essential component of the gun is very simple and combines the best features of a mechanical system with the reliability of an inertial. It consists of only three parts, excluding the trigger, which are in turn actuated by mechanical contacts and inertial movements due to the shot.
The result is a safe operation even after many gunshots. Many years have passed since the creation of the first single trigger and, since then, we have never had to repair any...

Double rifle lock

The lock of our Express has the same structural and mechanical characteristics of our front action lock, with the sole exception of not having the spring.
The hammer is in fact dragged with a different system by placing the spring into a more favorable position to facilitate the opening of the rifle.

Boxlock intercepting sears

The sears patented by Guido are two blocks of steel front-mounted to the hammers and placed squarely on their trajectory towards the strikers; when they are armed these levers protrude, driven by two strong springs. If the main sears were to break away from the hammers, those could not hit the strikers because they would hit before the intercepting sears. If, however, the triggers are pulled the sears rotate on themselves freeing the passage.

Over & Under

What is the most difficult goal to achieve by building fine guns? Being able to combine functionality with elegance, innovation and tradition.
With our new over & under we can claim to be very close to this result.
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