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Model R1-E is our sidelock side by side.
Each gun is fitted with locks and ejectors designed by Guido Rizzini and, on request, also with his patented single trigger mechanism.
Like all of our shotguns, it is made only to order and customers can specify barrels length, chokes, stock dimensions, triggers configuration, forend shape and of course engravings.
Model R1-E is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 gauge. Each caliber has dedicated action and mechanics.

Short story

Model R1-E was born in the early '80 when Guido designed his lock.
With this revolutionary mechanics the gun soon becomed the most reliable sidelock on the market of fine guns. After nearly 40 years, shooters and hunters are still enjoing our early R1 without any malfunctions. The gun fits our patented ejectors system and, on request, our inertial single trigger.
The R1-E cannot be defined the top quality model of our production for the simple reason that all of our models are "top quality".

The making

All components of model R1-E are created starting from solid blocks of steel and then are carefully hand fitted and polished. Following this procedure you get the best fitting of all parts with a tollerance very close to zero and, if parts are perfectly fitted, this means they will keep their precision for the rest of their life. The exterior sculpting of the actions, stocks and forends are done by hand. Only the artistry of the human hand can lend them "soul".
The woods are seven years seasoned, oil polished using a long process that needs more than two months to be completed. The barrels are obtained from forged blanks, hand polished and rust-blued.
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